Government Affairs Committee


The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) monitors and analyzes legislative and regulatory issues important to farmer cooperatives and their members. It develops, recommends and assists with implementing policies relating to such matters. In addition, the committee provides a forum for the exchange of information among cooperatives and acts as a resource for advocating for the policies of NCFC.

Legal, Tax & Accounting Committee


NCFC’s Legal, Tax and Accounting Committee comprises approximately 200 attorneys, tax directors, accountants and other advisors to farmer cooperatives. Committee members are appointed by the NCFC membership.

The LTA Committee monitors and analyzes legal, tax and accounting issues; provides a forum for exchange of information; and acts as a resource for the advocacy of NCFC policies.  Projects include analysis of legislative language, formal comments on IRS regulations and other regulatory projects and rulemakings, and amicus briefs on issues of importance to farmer cooperatives.

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