10 — Feature Article: story highlighting a particular subject or event while informing or entertaining the reader; not time sensitive (in the short-term)

11 — News Story: time-sensitive article, where events are the central focus and lead to some defining action within the foreseeable future 

12 — Column: expresses writer’s opinion, not necessarily written on a regular basis

13 — Speech Writing

14 — News Release

15 — Multi-Media Presentation: includes presentation/speech script, visuals (i.e.: overheads, PowerPoint, slides, etc.), and/or video script.

Preparation of Publication Entries

Classes 10-15: Entries must include a double-spaced manuscript. Feature articles, news stories and columns should include the date and place of publication. Mounted reprints should also be included with entry. The manuscripts will be used for judging, and in the event of award, the reprints will be used for display purposes.

Entry Fee

Single Entry: $25 member; $50 non-member

Judging Criteria

Classes 10 & 11: Criteria consist of the article’s opening, development, linking, simplicity, phrasing, fitness, ending, purpose and prestige (it’s good taste, appropriate presentation).

Class 12: Criteria consist of the piece’s opening, development, linking, simplicity, concentration, tone, balance, persuasion, ending and purpose.

Class 13: Criteria consist of the speech’s opening, development, phrasing, concentration, fitness for stated use, prestige, purpose, typography and ease of delivery.

Class 14: Criteria consist of the release’s opening, development, phrasing, concentration, fitness for stated purpose, prestige, persuasiveness and typography.

Class 15: Criteria consist of the presentation’s opening, theme, originality, impact, composition, editing, graphics and commentary.

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