Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative

NCFC Member


The Voice of Milk

Edge was built on a foundation of added value the cooperative could offer farmer members and continues to lead the way in giving every farmer a strong voice in Congress, with customers and within their communities. 

Founded in 2010 as the Dairy Business Milk Marketing Cooperative, Edge has advanced to one of the top cooperatives in the country in terms of milk volume represented. 

Edge fulfills requirements of the Federal Milk Marketing Orders as a verification cooperative for dairy farmers, while also providing representation on federal policies that affect members and collaboration with other agriculture stakeholders.

Our Core Services
  • Federal representation on dairy-related policy issues
  • Verification of milk and milk components at testing laboratories in accordance with the Federal Milk Marketing Orders 
  • Bulk tank calibrations to ensure accurate milk weights
  • Market information and news impacting the dairy community
  • Promotion of members and the dairy community through news media and social media
  • Scholarships for future dairy leaders
Edge Dairy Cooperative
Edge Dairy Cooperative