About NCFC

Since 1929, the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC) has been the voice of America’s farmer cooperatives.

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Our Mission

NCFC’s mission is to advance the business and policy interests of America’s cooperatives and other farmer-owned enterprises.

Our Values

In fulfilling this mission, NCFC upholds four core values. These are:


Farmer ownership and control in the production and distribution chain


Continued economic viability of America’s farmers, ranchers, and the businesses they own


Stewardship of natural resources


Vibrant rural communities

Our Members

The majority of America’s 
2 million farmers and ranchers belong to one or more farmer cooperatives.

Our members are regional and national farmer cooperatives, which in turn consist of nearly 1,700 local farmer cooperatives across the country. NCFC members also include 16 state and regional councils of cooperatives.

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About Cooperatives

Cooperatives are businesses owned and controlled by the people who use them.

Farmer cooperatives handle, process and market almost every type of agricultural commodity; furnish farm supplies; and provide credit and related financial services, including export financing. Earnings from these activities are returned to their farmer members on a patronage basis, helping improve their income from the marketplace.

Farmer cooperatives also provide over 300,000 jobs, with a total payroll in excess of $11 billion, and contribute significantly to the economic well-being of rural America.

Learn more about different types of cooperatives, how they’re organized, and why they matter.

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Our Committees

NCFC’s committees monitor legislative issues, advisor farmer cooperatives, and guide our efforts to promote sustainability programs.

NCFC Staff

Learn How to Become an NCFC Member

Interested in becoming a member? Contact us to learn about membership requirements and the application process.