U.S. Tobacco Cooperative Inc.

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Previously known as Stabilization for our role in administering the price support program of the Federal Tobacco Program, U.S. Tobacco Cooperative today is a much more dynamic, nimble, and competitive player in world tobacco markets.

We’re still a cooperative of tobacco farmers from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, with a 400-year tradition of tobacco growing learned from our fathers and grandfathers.

But with price supports a thing of the past, full-flavored flue-cured tobacco from the United States is now competitively priced with any full-flavored tobacco in the world. And with Flue-Cured, you’re buying directly from the tobacco farmer, so there’s no middleman mark-up.

From our manufacturing facility in Timberlake, North Carolina, we ship out your tobacco in your choice of forms—cut rag blended and flavored to your exact specifications, expanded stem, toasted burley with your choice of casing formulas, or unmanufactured flue-cured strips.

If you want the best tobacco in the world, go to the people who put their hearts and souls—not to mention their backs—into growing it.

The family of farmers of U.S. Tobacco Cooperative.

US Tobacco
US Tobacco